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Today, drinking water supply is becoming one of the most important issues in many areas of the planet. The rapid growth of population and industries has greatly increased water consumption. If we add this to the climate change, we can see that water reserves are increasingly scarce .


Another big problem detected is that not everyone has access to running water supply in their homes, and it does not happen only in underdeveloped countries.


From analyzing these needs, we create Drops Roof  which is a system of panels that is installed on the top of the buildings and combines three water collections techniques. During the day it distils water, that can contain any type of impurities, at night captures the dew and if it rains it also collects this water. Then, the clean water will be distributed throughout the house for domestic use and for drinking. This way Drops Roof Works 24/7 in a passive way and meets the 100% of the house water demand.

But the most interesting thing is that Drops Roof create a closed cycle, thus economically, it only takes four years to recover the initial investment.

In summary, with Drops Roof you can be self-sufficient, help the environment, people and your health and save money, time and water.


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